Top tips for quitting smoking during Ramadan

For practising Muslims, this is a perfect opportunity to start your smoke-free lives. As Ramadan is approaching, we’ve put together a selection of top tips to help you stop for good!

- Prepare for living a smoke-free routine.
Fasting requires a change of daily habits, so prepare for how you can change your usual smoking habits to start a smoke-free life.

- When you break fast, do it away from other smokers.
When in an environment where others are smoking around you, it will be tempting to relapse and go back to the cigarettes. As you first quit, try to stay with others who don’t smoke to encourage you to stay quit.

- Avoid food or drink that you associate with smoking.
If you usually light up after eating certain foods, swap these for other alternatives that won’t make you think about smoking. It’s all about changing your routine!

- Plan distractions for difficult moments.
If you normally end your meal with a cigarette when you break fast, be sure to prepare a way you can distract yourself from this habit. Keeping busy can take your mind off smoking and it won’t be long until your craving subsides.

So how can Yorkshire Smokefree help you quit during Ramadan? We’re here to listen and offer advice, and there’s a number of ways we can do this for you.

- Need help getting through a difficult craving? Call your stop smoking adviser for free on 0800 612 0011.

- Drop into one of our many quit shops for advice on how to prepare for your quit and getting through it. You can find your nearest location here:

- Talk to an expert adviser in an instant via our live chat. You can talk to us here:

- Record your progress on our quit forum. Writing updates about your quit can make you appreciate how far you’ve really come! You can register for your free personal quit tool here:

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