Protect your Pets from Second Hand Smoke

Protect your Pets from Second Hand Smoke

Our Kirklees team has teamed up with Vets4Pets and PDSA to warn smokers of the dangers of second hand smoke to their pets.


I’m dog tired of all this smoke. If it’s not good for humans then it not good for us.


Did you know cats & dogs constantly lick themselves whilst grooming - therefore they lick up all the cancer causing chemicals that accumulate on their fur.

Not only does it affect cats and dogs but pet birds are also victims of second hand smoke. A bird’s respiratory system is highly sensitive to any pollution in the air.

Train your pets… train yourself and help them to avoid second hand smoke!

 If you want to quit smoking then the Kirklees Stop Smoking Team are here to help. Call us on 0800 612 0011 to discuss the various ways we can help get your quit journey started.

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